Hero, I am?!

A hero in the making isn’t what I’d say I wanted to be. More like a runner running away from the start line, with no finishline in sight. In my minds view that’s what I think I am. Something different from the norm, but something that others call cowardly. The mirror doesn’t play favorites, you are what you see and this is what I saw. Everyday I saw somebody trying to get away from it all. Thus the hero phrase was a shock to me. What made me this hero and to whom has placed such an honor? Yes, I talk in old English at times. It’s a bad habit. But back to this hero chatter. Whom has placed such an honor? It wasn’t the mirror, it was people smaller than me. My brothers and sisters. Aww, what a sentimental moment. What have I done for them to call me great? I’m the oldest so I get to do everything first. I get to show you the path to success or maybe the not so great path to take. Instead of seeing myself as the artist formerly known as runner, they see me as the brother willing to try anything. The brother willing to offer advice and take it if you may. I’m the big brother who gets to answer those questions that parents need not answer. The brother that finds humor in everything, the not too serious one. Mister laid back … I’m their hero. My job in life is to be that hero. It’s a title I can’t shake. It’s a title I’ve earned. Whenever I see myself in a negative way, I always think I’m somebody’s hero. My little brothers and sisters have motivated me to levels of greatness. This year was a great year learning from them. With that knowledge I beckon unto you, this is me talking to the mirror, what’s next. I deserve it, it’s mine to get… That’s now my everyday warrior chant… Greatness I am. My rant is over…










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