Just Write

Since Justwrite.com was taken I had to get madjotter.com

Free writing… what is free writing? Well it’s the ability to write creatively on the spot. A topic can become lost in the motion of free writing. Just write, you’re right in what ever you write! While some writers believe notes can make for a better essay. Just write what bad can happen from just writing? Get a pen and paper, tablet or phone and just write. Re-read what you wrote later and enjoy that moment of creativity…

What do the you, the writer, have to offer? Why must I read your thoughts? Can you offer tips? How about  lifestyle tips, fashion tips, government tips, or stock tips? Can you write in order? Story mode…  Can you rewrite history in your own words? Can you make your subject the perfect reading material for anyone to read? Thoughts of a mad jotters tackle any subject that needs adjustments. A personal point of view that shines light on that dark corner in your mind, ahhh, enlightenment!

Well with the use of my tablet and phone, blogs get made. Ideas are thrown into the motion. Writers write with just a thought of let’s see what happens… It’s free writing at it’s best. Sure the editing room is always an afterthought. The mistakes really to be made, the idea is priceless. That mindset that you were in pure genius. Everything about that moment is noteworthy, thus free writing. But who is the author? What makes a writer write? What makes a writer… right? Punctuation, correct grammar, the ability to articulate a thought, a catch phrase? What is missing from this art form? The ego driven author is always crazed to prove the audience wrong. But hold on there has to be a strong belief that fans are waiting for creative writing to be creative again. Nonsense… As writers we contradict ourselves we need your approval, we distain your approval. We need an audience to read and want to re-read, tell somebody else to read. Might as well be cocky since all this writing is… Well pretty damn good.  Invite the critics; Bad news is better than, no news, and good news is the worst of them all. Writers prove a point everyday. Whether blogging or tweeting. The better it’s written, the better the audience. You’ll be the judge either fan of critic…

Topics get lost almost all the time I free write. What was the point of this rant? Expression of my art… Writing is a challenge, exploring the challenge is easier nowadays. Social media allows us to express in written form 24/7. Most things aren’t thought out. O, the beauty of regret. Some things aren’t better left unsaid. Say what you need to say. Demand more from yourself. Free writing an art. Practice it. Allows yourself to just write. What bad can happen from you just writing?


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