There are times when I wake up and say what if? Then I think about that what if… After overthinking the what if I lay it to rest. But my emotions are something I need badly to control. I act out in ways that appear crazy. Here I sit on a priceless custom made ring. A mail order off Blue Nile. Two years I’ve held on to this ring. Two years I’ve wanted to sell it. But it’s mine, I made it. I liked making it. I went broke for it. Ideally you’d think the first sign of financial gain would come from selling this ring. Something about it. Something I love about this ring. The Asscher shape, with VVS1 clarity, ideal cut, color E, carat .94 sitting on platinum. How could you not love this ring? But who’s this ring for? Why have it? The future is bright… The pawn shops can’t place value on this ring. I can’t sell as much as I’d want to part from it. I made. I picked everything about this ring. It’s custom. I have to keep it. This ring will go to the lady deserving of it. Maybe resizing it is the only flaw. A night of randomness a day filled with promise. I look at this creation for the first time in months. I wonder what will become of this? As my mind wanders, I can’t just give this to anybody… I like things but got damn I’m a genius for this… Enjoy my randomness…


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