Better Luck than RG3

Football is back, well preseason is… And what a joy to watch RG3 face the Buffalo Bills in a close baseball scoring type game. And Andrew Luck take on the St. Louis Rams, prove he’s the real deal. Wait for it… This is the preseason right? And those teams they were facing had good defenses. Not the Rams but those Bills did and got better with Super Mario. But this is about RG3 and Luck and I’m not saying both QB’s didn’t look good, I’m just saying they both didn’t play like rookies… High drat picks and rivals much like Eli Manning and Philip Rivers. They will be linked… So let’s start the debate who will be the better QB?


When you look at Divisions you have to feel for RG3, Dallas, Eagles, Giants twice a year. And those teams play D, well the Eagles not so much, but those teams hit. The Redskins frontline is suspect and they will have to rely on bootlegs and moving the pocket alot. Plus can the Redskins run the ball? Do it name their running backs? You can’t… Now moving on the the Colts they face Jaguars, Texans, Titans… Need I say more… Andrew Luck much like Peyton Manning will have the better career… It’s no debate even though I would like to be wrong. The level of competition isn’t and will never be as good as the NFC East. If you don’t believe think Peyton Manning and how many division titles he won… Luck is that type of QB that can lead his teams to greatness. Not saying that RG3 can’t, just saying that it’s going to be a lot harder for him.




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