Wired to Write

We are in a middle of the writing and pausing phase. What does that mean. I have not a clue. the passive expressions the loud expressions. I have not a clue. All I know is that we are writing, more people are writing. And about what… Things that they enjoy to write about. In a era where new is cool, writing seems to be the new cool.

Blogs and twitter are the new cool. I mean they have been for a while now. Expressing yourself via twitter 140 character at a time is an art form. One must express something interesting or latch on to a trending topic. It’s the new AOL AIM chat room. While blogging much like WordPress and blogger are ways to say hey you readers I write and I write alot. The art of expressing yourself through words hasn’t changed much. Pen to paper, finger to keyboard, faster ways to do it, word to text, well thats cheating, but the points are clear. Writing is the new cool. With paid bloggers and twitteraholics popping up everywhere its quickly becoming the best way to reach people…

I’m so wired to write and write about what? O life, the study of human beings. Hold on wait for it, sports… The Bulls lead by Michael Jordan go for their 6th ring. The Laker trade that made them better than everybody. Team USA looking like in the next four years we might have a problem. Focus people, focus I’m talking basketball and a timeline enuses. But more so on how cool it is to write. You pick a topic and create facts or fiction. Well, facts are more so truth. Fiction create that! Get that. Own that. But we write more read less, right? So you telling me what I’m writing, you won’t read. Basically unless you are interested in what I have to say. If not I lost you at Wired to Write…

And with that said I lost my train of thought… I don’t write for a purpose, and it escapes when I think I know the purpose. That writers block feeling, or like I call it jotting on the ave. Aimless writing! We are wired to write and yet most people don’t read past the subject line, while some look for the thesis.

Cool isn’t it?! In this new era of cool it is…


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