Mocking the NBA Draft

Mocking the NBA Draft. For those of you who don’t know the NBA draft is coming to a television set near you June 23rd. While this years draft isn’t the most talented, people are still having issues picking the best player in the draft. Kyrie Irving scouts agree is the best point guard available and being that he only worked out with one team, Cavaliers, there’s not much else we know about him. He missed most of his freshman season with a toe injury, but when he was on the court, clearly the potential was seen. Still not enough tape on him, but the NBA is becoming a point guard driven league and passing on him wouldn’t be wise. Cleveland with the first pick chooses Kyrie Irving. And he might not even be the best player in the draft, the bigs aren’t getting any love. Arizona swingman Derrick Williams, was explosive in college leading his team deep into the NCAA March Madness tournament . He showed that he could step out and hit the three, standing 6’9 he could help the Cavaliers right away, maybe 5 extra wins, maybe. With any logic we still try and guess who the top pick should be, and who has the best potential. In this showcase we give you our take on the NBA Draft, our Mock Draft top 5;
Unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock the consensus number one pick is Kyrie Irving. As we stated the league is turning into a point guard driven league. Irving is the best point guard in the draft, having scouts compare his game to Chris Paul, not bad for a kid who played about 13 college games. He fits a need for the Cavaliers at point. Cleveland also has in place a coach, Bryon Scott, that is used to coaching talented point guards. Unless the Cavaliers feel that they have something in Baron Davis and Daniel Gibson, Irving goes number one.
Now things get interesting, cause Derrick Williams was the best player in college, we saw him get better, leaps and bound, yet he is the number two pick. Landing with the Timberwolves, does anyone else feel this is a mistake. First the Timberwolves have a roster full of point guards and swingman, where does Williams fit in? Who will they trade so Williams can get playing time, and wouldn’t Enes Kanter be a better fit? Kanter is a big body 6’11 will and can play center, but the Timberwolves GM, Kahn, only likes drafting swingman and point guards. So with that said Williams might be your number two pick.
The Utah Jazz might be the winners of the draft come draft day. Sitting there in the waiting is Brandon Knight, a guard who works best off pick’n’roll. And nobody knows pick’n’roll basketball better then the Jazz. Devin Harris your time is up, drafting Brandon Knight with Derrick Favors, Paul Millsap ready to pick’n’roll makes this draftee the best fit. Brandon Knight goes number three.
This is where Cleveland really wins. With the number four pick granting that Enes Kanter is still on the big board, the Cavaliers get their PF/C to pair with Kryie Irving. Scouts are very high on Kanter, even though he didn’t play a single game in college due to NCAA saying he couldn’t, with the one sighting they saw of him at Nike Hoops Summit. Cavaliers will get a post threat, and someone who can face up and hit the 18 footer. Enes Kanter goes fourth overall.
The number five pick opens many doubts. Jonas Valanciunas is considered the best international player in the draft. A finesse center that seems to be the best available player with the fifth pick, but surely the Raptors won’t draft him because they have Andrea Bargnani. But if you move Bargnani to forward and draft Jonas, the Raptors will have a frontline that can’t rebound, but will make a  lot of 18-25 jumpers. They would put pressure on the other teams bigs, and if you’re a Raptors fan that could mean more wins, and a run’n’gun offense fun to watch. But let’s be honest here, the Raptors need a point guard, and with Kemba Walker still on the board do you pass him up for Jonas? With the fifth pick the Raptors should take Jonas Valanciunas, and let Jose Calderon handle the point for now, he did avg 9 assists a game. Raptors get the best international player and become Canada’s version of the Phoenix Suns.

That’s how you mock a draft. We gave you the top five, based on need, except for Derrick Williams, Timberwolves are going to draft him at two. The Raptors do need a point guard, but they need front court help. And if you look at their current roster, Jerryd Bayless is a bigger version of Kemba Walker, and what the Raptors need is a pure point guard which Jose Calderon is. The Utah Jazz still come away with winning the draft. The fit of Brandon Knight marries their offense, he jumps right into a system he played in college. But the draft being June 23rd we shall see if the GM’s, and scouts think the same way we mocked our top five up. Stay Tuned…   


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