>Drafting Klay Thompson

>Drafting Klay Thompson is like drafting the new school Mike Miller. Both have similar games, excellent at hitting the uncontested shot. Not dominate ball handlers, but the comparisons will stop there. Klay Thompson is a pure shooter averaged 22.1 ppg for the Washington St. Cougars. His role at the NBA level will be; make the open shot kid! Standing 6’7 Thompson has the size to be an effective NBA shooting guard. Put him along a superstar that demands a double team and Thompson could average a respectable 10-12 points per game. When watching him play two things stand out, first he understood his limits, and plays well off the ball. Its will be interesting to see who drafts Klay Thompson.
Projected to be a lottery to mid first rounder, a couple teams standout that need shooters and shouldn’t pass him up. The Suns, with the 13th pick, are still built around Steve Nash’s dribble drive and kick out. This plays to Thompson’s strength; a good spot up shooter, and doesn’t hurt him on the defensive end since the Suns don’t believe in D. The Pacers, with the 15th pick, also could use a pure shooter to team up with Danny Granger. A shooter on each wing for Darren Collison to dish too, frees up space for Roy Hibbert to be more productive in the paint. The Wizards, with the 18th pick, badly need shooters. This would be a steal if they land him. Thompson would excel in Flip Saunders system, spot up shooter as John wall drives and dishes. Even with Jordan Crawford and Nick Young in the line this young team needs a shooter. Crawford and Young are streaky scorers, Thompson would give them that one pure shooter, and it helps that plays well off the ball. The only downside is Thompson plays better in a half court set then in transition. While all three teams could use Thompson the Pacers seem to be able to benefit the most if they draft him.


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