>Drafting Brandon Knight

>The 6’3 177 pound guard out of Kentucky had a somewhat mixed season in the college ranks. At the start of the season Knight showed why Coach John Calipari prized him as a high recruit. Knight created offense and showed superior ball handling skills, but lacked proper decision passing needed to be an effective point guard. In his first seven college games he averaged nearly five turnovers a game. Needing to quickly adjust his game to a tough SEC schedule, Coach Calipari started using Knight in pick and roll situations helping cut down the turnovers. As the season progressed his basketball IQ seemed to improve to the point where Kentucky’s surprising run in NCAA tournament made NBA scouts pay more and more attention. While shooting 33% from the field and still averaging 3 turnovers, Knight still found ways to hit a pair of game winners, and get a 30 point game in. Leading Kentucky to the Final Four before losing to eventual champions Connecticut Huskies lead by Kemba Walker. Knight showed enough potential to declare for the NBA draft, leaving many to say he’s a lock for a lottery pick.
Coach Calipari is known for recruiting one year players especially at the point guard position, and Brandon Knight was no different. With Derrick Rose being a prime example of how good Calipari’s eye is, many feel that Knight has a similar skill set. Knight is a excellent ball handler who appears to play well in the limelight, in 2010 while scoring 48 in the McDonalds All American Game, he also hit the game winning three pointer. While leading his team to the Final Four, as mentioned before he also hit a couple game winning shots. There  are many things to like about Knight’s game, and judging by what the NBA scouts think. Knight has NBA three point range, and creates off the dribble well. He is excellent in pick and roll situations, uses his first step and misdirection moves to get into the paint. He has the potential to be a solid point guard because he has shown glimpses throughout the season.
Some weakness in Knight’s game stand out mostly due to the fact that he is young. The defensive end of the court he struggled to defend the pick and roll. Over dribbled and at times drove to the paint with no outlet passes available. The turnovers in the right system is something he will improve on, he needs to show improvement finishing with his off-hand. These weaknesses are things NBA coaching staffs will help him improve upon.
All in all Brandon Knight, has excellent potential to become a solid point guard. In his first season he might come off the bench as he is learning how to play point. One thing that he can do will is score, a streaky scorer at times, he can still score. NBA General Managers and scouts like his potential and it also helps that he played under Coach John Calipari who has shown that he tends to produce good point guards. Knight will be a project this season, but slated a top five pick he will be fun to watch. Now the question is who will pick him? If the Cleveland Cavaliers pick Derrick Williams or Enes Kanter first overall expect Knight to be taken number 4 overall by the Cavaliers. If Cleveland goes with Duke’s Kyrie Irving, Knight might go to the Utah Jazz where he would fit perfectly. This draft many are saying is a weak draft filled with many role players. But Knight in the right system could be a start of something great. And Utah known for their pick and roll offense might be what Knight needs. 


One thought on “>Drafting Brandon Knight

  1. >The fact that he is young minded still may mean that he needs another year in college hoops to mature… young in the NBA or on the professional level is not always a good turn out.

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