>NBA Draft Combine 2011

>Day one of the NBA draft combine is over, and who helped their stock and whose stock did not improve, or now is dropping. Well first the draft about a month away, clearly the number one point guard in the draft will not be there. Kyrie Irving is not participating in any of the drills, while that’s no be shocker it would have been nice to see him at least take part in the agility drills. With that said that the player that showed up did help their stock. And Enes Kanter taking part in the drills, seems to be proving to have the most upside for a big man. It wouldn’t be a shocker if he replaces Kyrie Irving as the number on player taken in the June 23rd draft.
The winners out of day one seem to be TheJimmer, showing teams that he is instant offense and could impact right away. Hofstra standout Charles Jenkins, a solid 6’3 200 he showed that he will be able to compete and provide bench help for any team. Jenkins still looks like a late 1st early 2nd round pick, he could’ve solidified his placement as a first round choice. Teams that could use his bench production Blazers, Celtics and Bulls.
Players that didn’t improve their stock Cory Joseph, while at Texas he had a lot of talent around him but was not a pure point that they needed. At 6’3 170 he looks like he could’ve benefited if he stayed in school one more year. He needs to polish his game, but if a team chooses to take him he will develop in the NBDL. Another year of college playing against better competition could’ve improved his draft stock for next year.
The combine really shows teams the fundamentals a player has and also with raw skills they possess. The team workouts and this being a weak draft, will determine if these role players can help a team win. This years draft is more about filling a bench. The NBA Draft combine has showcased that so far. That was day one, day two agility testing takes place.


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