>NBA Prospects Kyrie Irving

>With the consensus number one pick, most people would say, Kyrie Irving is a diamond in the rough. A pure point guard that isn’t blindingly quick, but a floor general that controls the pace of the game. Standing 6’2, 180 pounds the freshman guard only had the opportunity to play in 11 of Duke’s game. While in those games, he proved that he is a valuable lottery pick. Kryie’s game speaks for itself; when he was on the court, Duke was easily the best team in the country. Averaging 17 points and 4 assists, Irving quickly became the player Coach Krzyzewski envisioned he would be. To note just how good on a player Kryie was, Duke moved the more experienced Nolan Smith, a Senior, to play off the ball. That in and of itself tells us how much talent Coach K thought Irving possessed. Kyrie is a solid floor general with high basketball IQ; the kid is a can’t miss for the Cleveland Cavaliers, who have gone through a lot already. What a lucky charm Nick Gilbert proved to be. What more can you ask for…


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