>Nba Draft Lottery Preview (Minnesota Dreaming)


The NBA Draft is the place where most bad teams try to rebuild and become better. Young talent is looked at and General managers, scouts and coaches guess on who should be the face of their struggling franchise. Their best guess at a sure thing. And this year plays no different. Last year’s can’t miss was a star point guard out of Kentucky John Wall proved that evaluating talent is important. But it was also clear to see the he was the best prospect in college, and John Calipari tutoring of NBA ready point guards helps too. This year we are treated to a draft that depending on the team who gets the first pick there is not guarantee who the number one pick is. If the Timberwolves get the first pick who do they pick, Kyrie Irving which would mean that they have given up completely on Ricky Rubio, right? Lets say that the Timberwolves get the first pick, and they get feel that Rubio will join them soon. Do they then draft Derrick Williams, who is a special talent, causing room for concern they already have two players that play the same position. Mike Beasley and Wesley Johnson. If win the lottery they should go big and draft Enes Kanter. he would bolster their front line making Minnesota a better team instantly. And all this Minnesota talk is of course if they win the lottery.



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