Seasoning the draft!!! Who needs my top 6.


1. John Wall- Washington Wizards

2. Evan Turner- Philadelphia 76ers

3. Derrick Favors- NJ Nets

4. Wesley Johnson- Minnesota T’wolves

5. DeMarcus Cousins- Sacramento Kings

6. Greg Monroe- Golden State Warriors

NBA Draft coming up June 24th. Most NBA fans are watching the final interested in who will win. I believe that Lakers win in six, and Pau is the MVP unless Kobe senses that and is the reason they lose the series. IDK! IDC either! Lets talk about about the NBA DRAFT. After John Wall who goes next? Evan Turner is a talent and the 76ers need talent. So who goes number 3? Derrick Favors is a need with the Nets and since Avery Johnson is now the coach, he might not only play a lot of mins he might be rookie of the year. Next is number 4… who will the T-wolves take? I think they need Wesley Johnson, they have size so Cousins would make them crowded in the front court, until you trade Love or Jetterson; and why would they do that? They should draft Wesley because he can play 2 or 3 and Brewer isnt really working out. I think Cousins will fit T.Evans better, and he would be a great pick and roll banger for the Kings. If they draft in that order then my 1st steal of the draft would be Greg Monroe if Nelson lets him play. He’s 6’10 and can handle the rock and shoot, and comes from a G-Town defensive minded system in which they played team ball. So Monroe could fit the Warriors and provide height but his best fit would be the Pistons. So I’m torn. He’s a good talent, bigger Jeff Greene and can play D, and the pistons would suit him, but the warriors would let him run, and with Curry running they could work the pick and pop very well…


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