Dallas gettings Spur’d

The problem with this seeding was the Spurs arent ready a 7 seed. They had star players injury in the final stretch of the season, and they saw who they matchd up against better in the playoffs. They wanted the 7th seed, since they couldnt get the 3rd seed. They knew they matched up well against the overratted Mavs, who on paper have the best team, but in the court they cant seem to play together. They look like the D-League All-star team. Mr. Cuban talent doesn’t win championships, a well built team does. Case in point the Spurs, a injured team, healthy just in time for the playoffs. And when you look at a healthy Spurs team on paper who other than the Lakers are better in the West? Dallas just found that out, although they were down 22 at one point, their team isn’t built to “PLAY DEFENSE or the Spurs. The Spurs will face the 3 seeded Suns or my 6th seeded Blazers. Either way this is looking like a Lakers vs. Spurs conf final. but today the Mavs learned a important lesson, sometimes its better to be a lower seed. And avoid the Spurs in the 1st round, cause when healthy, there good… Now you have to think is Dirk ever going to win a championship. I don’t think so because he cant play defense and he only scores, plus he cant read the double team, and when a defensive player guards him tight he cant find other ways to contribute. Dirk is overrated he is “the big slowpoke.” Try again next year Dallas…


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