Scamming the little guy…

No disrespect but to the rich people above, but us little guys don’t know how to make quick money. We work for the man for pennies a day and idealize the rich folks asking how’d they get there… It’s a fantasy world we live in to ease the stress of our real world problems. Its the lottery we can’t win enough though they say you can’t win if you don’t play. Its the schemes of the seems to work all the time. Too late information to the little guy. Material items, wealth and a safety net… Don’t quit your real job yet though… Don’t quit until you get enough people to believe that you’ve got it… something like a pyramid scheme. You only get paid when you add people, your money grows then you grow in steps… Some of you readers know the game you’ve seem your hopes and dreams right in front of and you think all I have to do is show this to someone and I’ll be on my way… The thing that people don’t understand is these scheme’s are all pyramids. The top guy gets the money off of your hard work. Something like the Ponzi Scheme you know Bernie Madoff…

Its sad to think that Americans believe this whole “Dream” without putting in the hard work to pursue it. I have to admit its appealing. “Its too good to be true. This is a must do, can win, i can’t believe more people don’t know about this feeling.” But in the long hall you’ll see the light. You’ll soon see nothing comes without hard work…

The little guy will always fall for these schemes doesn’t matter how many times you warn them. The temptation is too good to be true, we must try the get rich quick scheme, and without fail- when we fail, another scheme is just around the corner to lure us in. Information is power when used. People we must use this information, not to fall victim to the rich guys scheme…


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