With perfection on thought and creative in mind, blending seamlessly, I write with word simulation; wrong but feeling so “write”. I write to be viewed as not normal but viewed… Empty words passing with empty promises… I would like to invite you back into the ever eventful mind of a jotter. I’m under searched and over viewed…


I try to find fault in her

She never really loved or knew who I was

I fill myself with lies

Never really wanting to take the blame for mistakes made

Always trying to move past my ongoing mistakes

I’m sorry was my ongoing finishing sentence

I over used the words “I love you.”

I’ve chased plenty hot girls

Danced with tons of shorties

Chatted a convo out of them

Used my charm to shoulder a night’s emotion

And always ended up back home

But in this case I’ve stepped out, Caught!

But unlike times before, she left

I’ve wrote and maybe I never thought she’d leave

I find fault in her for my actions

Never really looking in the mirror

I’ve finally glanced

And it’s too late…


I asked you to:

Love me cause you need too

Love me cause you have too

Love me cause you honestly can’t live without me

Love me cause I’m needed

Love me cause I’m ego driven

Love me cause I’m selfish

Love me til it hurts

Now I’m asking you to:

Love me cause I hurt

Love me cause I’m sorry

Love me cause I need you

Love me cause I want you

Love me cause I honestly can’t live without you

Love me cause your needed

Love me cause I love you


He’s what you ordered straight out the book

The model male, the model you viewed on page 5

The book stated that he’s what you want, but be cautious

You’ve read the text, you’ve felt his texture

You know that he came with a default key

You thought you could program Him

But you fell into the beauty in his eyes

Those beautiful lies, filled your heart’s desire

You’ve cried, called for a return

Misreading the warranty, losing the receipt

You can’t take anymore

So you let Him go, giving no warning

Now she’s in-line for a gently used Him

The cycle of a Playa….

I’ve missed you

I’ve heard stories of your newness

Without you here I’ve saddened

Grown impatience

Viewed my mistakes over and over

Seeing each chance you’ve forgiven

Still I created separation

Now your off smiling without me

I’ve stood here watching

Waiting—in disbelief

Growing restless

He can’t love you

He cant…

But he’s treating you better

Your smiling

I’m saddened

You’ve moved on

I’m still standing viewing my mistakes

It plays over and over again

Your gone

Your happy

I’m missing you


2 thoughts on “Po-em-ing

  1. Paradox… I’m loving my English class for teaching me to play with sentences…

    And Thank You if the comment…. Your so Vain…

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