The last of the…

The end of an era. This could be the end of the MJ era. And the reason I say this follows.

Who else is felt? Who wants to be like Mike? Well Kobe did and look at his numbers. Look at his style of play. Sure looks like Jordan. Reminds me of the grace and will to win Jordan had. But then you look at Kobe as he embodied Jordan’s game who’s emboding his?
I think we have seen the last of the Jordan Era, as Kobe gets older and older I don’t see Jordan in the league anymore. I look at the Bulls and miss seeing his Aireness. This new breed of basketball players dont want to be like Mike. I don’t see any up and coming star having somewhat of Michaels game. Who wants to be like Mike. The perfect basketball player. 6 NBA Championships, 6 NBA Finals MVP, 5 MVPs, defensive player of the year, best team record at 72-10. Who wants to be like Mike, I mean after Kobes gone. I see no-one. I see kids playing and wanting to be the next hybrid player like LeBron James. The everything player. Assists, rebounds, points. I see Joe Johnson type players, Brandon Roys, Ray Allens, and KG’s but no Jordans. Heck even Jordan’s kids don’t play like Jordan. I sit back and watch the games looking for that all round flair Jordan had, nobody but Kobe pops up. And to Kobes credit he shoots better then Jordan, from three point land that is. There used to be guys lined up to be the next Jordan. Grant Hill prime example, but no his career hit the burner with injuries, Vince Carter was suppose to take the throne, but he had no Pippen, cause T-Mac thought he was bigger than the team. Even Penny Hardaway had a chance but injuries did him in. We used to compare every good athlete to Michael. But no athlete compared to Michael, now not athlete compares to Michael. Outside of Kobe, there is not one player that embodies MJs game. Has TV advanced that much that our young players grow to be, not only a hybrid type person but a highlight film.
Which brings me to LeBron James. Why did we want him to be the next Jordan. His game doesn’t have Jordan in it. His game comparing old school legends here looks like, Magic Johnson with his size, being able to run the point, flashy passes and show the crowd a good time. His dunks embody legends like Dom Wilkins and Shawn Kemp, just powerful, the way he attacks the rim is vengeful. LBJ isn’t Jordan, and shouldn’t compare. They don’t even play the same position.
Basically, Jordans Era is ending with Kobe. There is nobody new, or even in the league that plays the game with grace and flair like Jordan did. I wish it wasn’t so but I wish you could prove me wrong…


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