let the ipa begin!

I can’t believe this I’m watching the apple.com/ipad. They sell the idea of this tablet without a keyboard, a bigger, badder ipod! And a 10 hours of battery life priced at $499. I’m excited to announce that the ipad sells with 6 different options. Three being the sizes 16gb, 32gb and 64gb. With each of those sizes come two different options to buy one you can buy the ipad with just WiFi or with WiFi and 3g. Of course with 3g you a little more. But Apple once again does something amazing. They give us a product we don’t need, but want. They sell us on the idea that this product is a life changer. No I take that back. This product isn’t a life changer its a life helper. Just watching the apple ipad launch video they illustrate that its so easy to use, right out the box. The idea that apple can combine the Kindle book reader with an ipod is genius. It still hasn’t announced what cellphone provider they will team with to provide a data plan. This product doesn’t replace your laptop, its an extension of your laptop. Doesn’t replace your iphone just adds a bigger screen for movie watching, book reading etc. I like what apple has done with the marketing of their products. They give off the idea that it pure all their ideas are great and noone else is thinking of these ideas. Seem ture but its not, but who am I to say. The media pushes apple products because APPLE deserves it! They gave us the ipod + istore + the touch + the iphone. Companys aren’t thinking of ways to outsmart apple they are thinking of ways to get in on this cashcow. I might love the product and see past its short comings, but I know with the launch of the ipad comes the overpriced lame attachments, that’s when you really know you’ve made it. Apple has done it again! Ill see you in line when the launch happens, until then ill be on the ipad trending topic!


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