Greeting the new Unemployment

Unemployment is up. And now a days when you get a job you try your best to keep it. Im not sure what the national avg. is but around these parts it went from 3.5% to 5.5% in one year. Question is, is there an end in sight? Studies show that there should be. But I ask where and how. As Americans tend to spend more then last year, I ask will the unemployment avg change to 5.5% being my area norm? Jobs were forced to do more with less, and now that they are doing more with less why should they rehire. Employees have been asked to step up and most of them have with the reward being they get to keep their jobs. Ive been watching the stock market and most of the companies that had massive cutbacks seem to be having good, or better then expected gains. So the question needs to be asked will Americans get used to this new unemployment rate? Companies arent offering any special benefits. They are lowering there wages and offering entry level jobs to mid level unemployed workers. I see this as a problem, but most will be glad to have a job…


2 thoughts on “Greeting the new Unemployment

  1. You make a good point, and unfortunately the unemployment rate is even higher now in Maryland at 7.1 %. Whats worse is comparatively speaking thats much lower then the national avg which is pushing 10%. My advice, retrain or educate in one of the few growing areas which are healthcare or the good ole govt.

  2. I don’t think people understand that they need to be educated. The middle class is only getting poorer, and the rich will continue you to get richer. The unemployment rate will stay like this and become the norm.

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